My Spring Beauty Tips

Spring comes together beautiful bright colors. My tips for some products for this season are very comfortable to wear. For my nails, I’m enjoying bright colors for my day-to-day choices. The Louboutin bright colors work for me and have an excellent staying power.

The Sublime Bronze Summer Express Instant Tan Lotion with an exclusive 5-in-1 formula delivers spectacular results, like blurring imperfections, with a smooth and flawless finish. It also has Improved softness and a promise of 24 hours of hydration. It’s good to have one in your bag.


Nars Lipstick  is working very well for me in my day-to-day activities, why:

  • It is a combination lipstick and lip pencil.
  • What it does:
    Combining the convenience of a pencil with the application of lipstick in a jumbo-sized crayon design, these pigment-rich sticks provide a matte, creamy finish that will not dry the lips. Enriched with emollients, vitamin E, and silicone, each gorgeous shade glides on and stays put.
  • The colors have a good durability!


The Neutrogena for me is very familiar, and I feel very confidente theses products. About the brush I really like, is easy to apply and have some benefits:

Healthy Skin Blush it’s so good, why:

Enriched with vitamin C and botanical conditioners. Designed to blend evenly & beautifully. Available in 5 beautiful shades to blush, to bronze,
and to illuminate your cheeks!

I hope you have enjoyed guys! See you next post!


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