Get To Know Yourself Deeply By Lukasz Darmosz

Brain waves
The core principle of the Metaphysical Soul Massage I have been developing is the necessity of entering into a meditative state of mind which is not based on ego consciousness but soul consciousness.

The state that connects you with your true nature, with your spirit and your heart. Where the energy is not blocked, is not scattered and flows freely. Where you reach mystical state of intuitive perception, inspired creativity and imagination. All of that puts you in a trance like state of self-healing.
To show you the correlation between state of mind and energy flow I want to focus now on the brain which is an electrochemical organ, and its electricity is measured in brain waves. When your brain is not relaxed, aroused or engaged in mental activity it’s electric waves are very fast. The more intense the arousal, tension and activity (caused by very intense emotions like for example anger, fear, grief etc.), the faster the frequency. In that state of mind the energy cannot flow freely without being obstructed. These fast waves of the brain-science are called Beta.

There are three other categories of brain waves which are Alpha, Theta and Delta (range from faster to slower). We can control waves intensity by our state of mind:
Alpha waves appear when we are mentally relaxed. They are found during light meditation, reflection, body-mind integration, light hypnosis, creative visualization, time in nature, artistic and intuitive processes, rest, exercise, etc.
Theta waves are much slower and are dominant during deep meditation, the first stage of sleep, mystical state of intuitive perception, deep hypnosis. They put you in a trance-like state which often comes with inspiring visions and ideas surfacing in your mind and you lose track of time.
Delta brain waves are very slow and are associated with deep sleep. This pattern is very important for exploring and expanding your consciousness. You can learn to stay conscious during this state and connect with the mass consciousness of the universe. Astral projections and out of body experiences occur during Delta.

During Metaphysical Soul Massage you travel through several phases: from relaxation, then expand beyond sense perception, then move beyond time and space and enter the state of nonphysical realities. In the early stage it will shift your brain waves from Beta to more relaxed Alpha state. This is where your muscles relax, your blood pressure and body temperature drop down. Next, your brain waves slow even more to Theta/Delta level and that’s where you have access to instant-self healing. You can reach deeper regions of memory, insight and symbolism. You are able to remember and relearn who you are and what you need. You are able to focus on what has been suppressed and stored in your subconscious mind. Your ego “dies” and is being replaced by your soul awareness. In this state energy starts flowing freely and your body is able to connect with the Spirit. That’s the state of being present, spacious and aware where limits start disappearing and your frequencies rise. The door of knowledge and endless possibilities starts to open and you start seeing your inner power. Now your perception is shifting from physical to metaphysical; where, powered by the Highest Level of Love and Energy of All That Is and pure intent radiating from your heart chakra (quantum prayer), you are able to create new reality and see the natural harmony of the Cosmic Life in you. You don’t have to force this process, it’s happening and you can just observe it and enjoy.
Now, I would also like to point out that our heart shows electrical vibration patterns in almost the same range as the brain’s Delta waves. Calm down your mind and you will find your heart which is much more powerful. Here the physics of miracles take place.
Remember, the more relaxed and peaceful your mind is, the more far-reaching your awareness is.


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