The Month of Av Leo

  On the sunset of Sunday, July 23, starts the month of Av, Leo in Kabbalah. The Kabbalists teach us that during the new Moon of a month we have the opportunity to plant

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The Month of Tammuz (Cancer)

The Month of Tammuz  (Cancer) On the sunset of Friday , June 23 rd , we start the month of Cancer. The Kabbalists teach that all kinds of the disease cancer have their seeds

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The Month of Gemini Sivan

On the sunset of Thursday 25, starts the Kabbalistic month of Gemini, Sivan in Hebrew. The  Kabbalists teach us that on the first   24hs of a  month  (New Moon: Rosh Chodesh), we have the

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The New Moon of Taurus Iyyar

On the sunset of April 25, Tuesday, starts the New Moon of Taurus  (Iyyar)! Mainly in the first 48 hs , from the sunset of the 25 th , mind your consciouness ,because we

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Hoje eu não vou falar mal!

  Genteeeee, terminando o domingo, mas queria deixar a mensagem da semana para todos nós aqui, incluindo eu. Essa semana comecei um novo curso de Cabala on-line com o Mestre Ian Mecler, e

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The Month of Pisces Adar

At the sunset of Saturday, Feb 25, starts a cosmic window that lasts 48 hs , the New Moon of Pisces, Rosh Chodesh Adar. Kabbalistic Astrology teaches us that every 30 days we have

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