The Month of Pisces Adar

At the sunset of Wednesday 14 we have a cosmic window that lasts 48 hs , the New Moon of Pisces ,Rosh Chodesh Adar. Kabbalistic Astrology teaches us that every 30 days we have

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The Month of Scorpio Mar Cheshvan

In the Kabbalistic Astrology, the month of Mar Cheshvan or only Cheshvan, Scorpio, its known for its intensity. Scorpio is a sign of the water family and in the tree of life represents the

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The Month of Gemini Sivan

On the sunset of Thursday 25, starts the Kabbalistic month of Gemini, Sivan in Hebrew. The  Kabbalists teach us that on the first   24hs of a  month  (New Moon: Rosh Chodesh), we have the

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