Lifecell The Cream of the Moment!

I’ve been using a powerful cream, and today I can share with you and say that this cream brings good results for my skin. The LifeCell cream,  is a anti-aging cream, and at the

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O Boticário em USA

Quando eu fiquei sabendo que O boticário estava aqui nos USA eu fiquei bem feliz e até emocionada. Parece até exagero, e você deve estar pensando que sou louca, por ter tantos outros produtos

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My Best Beauty Professionals in Miami

Em português logo abaixo: Hi ladies, today I would like to recommend some beauty professionals that I have used more than once and feel confident you will like. When I first moved to Miami

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My Spring Beauty Tips

Spring comes together beautiful bright colors. My tips for some products for this season are very comfortable to wear. For my nails, I’m enjoying bright colors for my day-to-day choices. The Louboutin bright colors

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My Review by ItCosmetics

Em português logo abaixo: Hi pretty ladies, let’s talk about my review with ItCosmetics. Who has not heard of ItCosmetics? This brand is growing much for quality and low price of their products. I

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Red: The Most Festive Color

Undoubtedly, red is a safe bet to steal all the looks. And you know what the great advantage? This lipstick color goes well with everything!It is even most festive color! For his unquestionable ability

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The Best Nail Polish by Me

Girls, a few months ago I have been doing research with manicures here in Miami, to know what are the best nail polish that could indicate, in light, color, durability, gloss and also the

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